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  Dr. Feisthamel’s office offers a variety of dental services for kids and adults. We will work with you to find a treatment plan that fits your dental health needs, your budget and your desire for a beautiful healthy mouth.

As a patient of Dr. Feisthamel you will receive a comprehensive head and neck examination, a review of your health history and medications as well as blood pressure monitoring. Dr. Feisthamel will examine your mouth for gum disease, decay, worn or fractured teeth, TMJ function and orthodontic alignment.

Our office has embraced the latest in dental technology for your health and comfort.

Digital x-rays emit less radiation and allow better diagnosis of oral conditions.

Digital intraoral cameras so you can see what the dentists sees.

Ultrasonic tooth cleaning. Ultrasonics use gentle vibrations to clean your teeth more quickly without all the scraping.

The Wand computerized anesthetic delivery. The Wand is a digital system that allows the dentist to anesthetize certain teeth without the "numb" feeling in your lip and tongue.



We offer beautifull restorative dentistry including all-porcelain crowns and bridges, porcelain veneers, and beautiful tooth colored fillings.

Our other services include dentures/partials, extractions, root canals, bruxism appliances, periodontal therapy, Invisalign Clear Braces and implant restoration.*

* This provider is not a specialist in these services. Cosmetic services are non-specialty interest areas that require no specific educational training.

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